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Sparrow Project

LOJ adopted their second Sparrow! Students at LOJ were introduced to Sparrow Clubs USA, a local nonprofit inspiring compassion in the hearts of today’s youth last year when they adopted their Sparrow Ava. On Friday, September 30, during a live assembly, students watched the journey of three-year-old Charlotte, whose life was turned upside down when her body contracted a rare type of blood poisoning called meningococcemia. Within a matter of hours, this rare virus became life-threatening by attacking her kidneys and in order to save her life, doctors had to amputate both her arms above the elbows and legs above the knees. Despite all of this, Charlotte is inspirational and radiates joy and determination to overcome her challenges. Students were challenged to make a difference in the lives of others through acts of community service in honor of Charlotte. You can watch Charlotte’s story here!

Thanks to Community Club Sponsors, for every hour of community service students serve, $10 is unlocked for their Sparrow Charlotte, up to a 300-hour challenge mark. By focusing on community service, the Sparrow program allows everyone to make a difference regardless of popularity, economic situation, athleticism, intelligence, etc.

What counts as community service? Anything students do that helps people other than those in their own family counts! Once students complete a service hour, they simply fill out the voucher and submit it. Vouchers can be accessed through this link:

Student Service Voucher Link for Charlotte.